I’m a creative consultant who works with advertising agencies, production and design firms, associations, and companies of all sizes to develop their brand or product narrative, design their look, feel and messaging. From there I work with my team (or yours) to produce all aspects of the assets needed to tell those stories.

I believe that the last thing our world needs is another advertising agency. But I do believe in people, innovation, companies and clients that have an amazing story to tell and are looking for new ways to tell them.

You are rightfully selective about who you work with. I am equally selective about who I choose to work for. That is why, at the end of 2014, I left my own firm, Avant Strategies, to focus on serving fewer clients while creating more impactful work.

Below is more about Marco Ceglie Creative coupled with some selected samples of my work and my life.

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy my humble work. If you would like to connect, my contact info is below.




Marco Ceglie Creative is a boutique creative marketing agency that specializes in crafting heartfelt, powerful narratives around brands, products and altruistic campaigns. To maintain a high level of quality in our work and the impact we have for our clients, we are as selective with who we work for as we want our clients to be in selecting us. As an agency, we provide strategy, branding, advertising, public relations, media, interactive and social marketing solutions designed to get people to Think, Feel and Act to drive growth for our clients now and in the future.

We pride ourselves on excellence in everything we do and strive to deliver the extraordinary for our clients everyday. We expect nothing less from our creative partners and the people we serve.

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The Art of the Story

Amid today’s crowded media landscape, it’s critical that our clients engage their audiences with unique, interesting and quality content. That’s why we focus on the Art of the Story and its importance in setting you apart from the rest of the pack.

At Marco Ceglie Creative, we are experts in helping clients craft the Art of their Story.

Why tell your story instead of just advertising the latest big news, technology, talking point or meme? Because stories have a special place in human history. Our stories connect us. They cross cultural and language divides, build bridges of universal truth and understanding, and help us communicate complex ideas into exciting, engaging and understandable narratives.

To craft your story we start with structure, identify unique assets, separate out the heroes and villains, highlight value propositions and apply the needed research into audience and markets. We then craft stories to attract new customers, elicit specific actions or build brand awareness and loyalty. This is what we mean when we say we get people “to think, feel, see and do”.

In the gallery to the left you will find a few examples of ways we’ve used video, memes and story to help our clients break through today’s crowded media environment to engage and influence their intended audiences.

The Art of the Story is a fundamental element of any integrated campaign. Let us help you tell yours today.

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Selected clients, past and present:

Agit Pop Communications
Fenton Communication
The Other 98%
Fitzgibbon Media
American Resources Council
Center for Constitutional Rights


Marco has cultivated a national reputation for developing cutting-edge marketing strategies to engage audiences and raise awareness for his clients. For more than 20 years, Marco has produced strategic messaging, branding and viral awareness campaigns for both non-profit and commercial clients in some of the nation’s most significant markets, including New York City, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. In Arizona Marco served as President and the Executive Creative Director for the Phoenix-based agency Avant Strategies, which he founded in 2011, until 2014. Under the Avant banner Marco produced messaging ads, media strategy, content, marketing and website development for the Arizona Indian Gaming Association, the Department of Child Services, the Department of Economic Services, Public Safety Pensions Retirement System, Land Exchange Partners, Arizona Legacy, The Gila River Indian Community, Global Security and Intelligence Services, among others.

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Marco Ceglie     Email       Phone number: (718)-483-6616 (718)-483-6616

Marco Ceglie Creative